Evening Menu (6 Course Surprise Taster)

We initially tried out our 6 Course Surprise Taster Menu as a trial to see what the general feedback would be. Following the success and fun of this trial period, we have now kept to this format for our sole Friday & Saturday evening menu (or any other evening if the party is of at least 10).

The response we have had to this style, which we did not invent, is that it gives a whole new dimension to eating out. Not only do you not have any decisions to make from a normal style a la carte menu, but you can be sure the balance of the dishes are compatible with each other. Although the meal consists of 6 courses, they are slightly smaller so we have found customers have felt pleasantly satisfied and not over-full.

From our point of view, we can have the seasons dictate the ingredients to a large extent and we can also use more variety of produce that may be too expensive to offer on an individually priced menu.

We also offer a vegetarian menu to run alongside the meat, fish and vegetable menu. Courses can be interchanged to cater for most people’s tastes, for example a vegetarian may still eat fish or someone may not like mushrooms or some other specific ingredient. A member of staff will ask when you book if there are any specific likes, dislikes or dietary requirements.

The price is £38.00 per person.

Please see a sample 6 course evening menu below:

Parsnip soup ‘shot’, apple crisp, spiced vegetable parcel, sesame syrup


Monkfish with squid & saffron orzo, tomato salsa

Veg:- Cheese soufflé, buttered spinach


 Gooseberry sorbet & orange & cardamom sorbet


Best end of Welsh lamb, roasted root vegetables, redcurrant jelly, new potatoes

Veg :- Roast pepper with roasted vegetables & parmesan crust, spiced lentils, tempura broccoli, tomato & garlic sauce


Apple & almond tartlet, chocolate pot with damson mousse & a brandysnap basket

with whisky marmalade ice-cream


British cheese selection

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